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The Department has initiated a blog, which is accessible not only to the students of the college but also to the entire academic community across the globe. The blog provides notes and slides on the syllabus of the programmes offered by the department, in addition to useful links for further sources of information. It is designed as a platform for meaningful discussions among the faculty, students and the entire academia. It provides solved question papers of the previous examinations and gives updated information on exams and university news. It also hosts windows for spell bee, word of the day, popular posts, writer of the day, quote of the day etc, and is still in the process of improvement. This is also envisioned as an extension service of the department.

ICT  enabled classes

The classes are transacted through ICT, so that they become more attractive and free from digression. It enhances the quality of the classes as well as guarantees the attention of the students. The power point slides and other visuals utilized in the classes are also uploaded in the department blog for the later reference of the students. 

Author of the Day

Every day, before the commencement of the regular class, one student whose roll number coincides with the date of the day, presents an author, his/her biographical details, important books, major themes, techniques, concerns etc in a brief manner, so that students who listen to the presenter get to know something about a writer. This gradually makes the students acquainted with great writers.

Word of the Day

5 words are displayed on the whiteboard in each class room every day so that students can enhance their word power on a daily basis. Some students have volunteered to select and write down the words on the boards, so that this practice is continued with the total participation of the students.

Tutorial System

Each class is assigned to a tutor, and the students interact with the tutor personally, so that the teachers can better understand the students. Students who require counseling service are directed to the student counselor. Every morning, 30 minutes are dedicated to the tutorial session before the regular class.

Promoting news reading

The department promotes the news reading practices of the students by providing them with English dailies in the department reading room. It enhances the language potential of the students and acquaints them with current events.

Class PTA

Class PTA meetings are convened every semester to inform the parents as to how their children perform in the internal examinations and in co-curricular areas. Feedback from the parents adds to the morale of the teachers in implementing innovative teaching practices.

Catalogues of general library, department library and ebrary

Detailed catalogues are made available to the students for the books in the general library, department library, and the digital library collection in all the computers in the possession of the departments as well as in the department blog, so that students can decide if they need to go to the library for a certain book at their own convenience and time.




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Revised Accreditation Framework of NAAC: A Rejuvenation of HEIs

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Inauguration of new Academic block, Library, Heritage Museum and Open Auditorium

Dr. K.T. Jaleel, Hon. Minister for Higher Education Inaugurated the new Academic block, Library, Heritage Museum and Open Auditorium on 09/07/2019...

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National Seminar on "Transgressing the Boundaries: Literature and History", Organized by the Department of English, Sponsored by Department of Collegi...

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