Digital Language Laboratory (A/C)

The Department hosts an air-conditioned Digital Language Laboratory with 20 computers with the latest software of ETNL. 19 learners can access the facility simultaneously through the well furnished student consoles with headphone and microphones. Students are exposed to the techniques of language development under the expert guidance of trained faculty. It offers them opportunity to fine tune their language skills and soft skills.



High-speed Broadband Internet with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Students and faculty of the Department have access to high-speed broadband Internet Connectivity with Wi-Fi facility which enables them to collect current data from various online sources. It affords them with an edge over others in preparing dissertations, seminar reports and assignments.



INFLIBNET Accessibility

All students have free access to the huge online source of UGC's INFLIBNET which enables them to explore national and international journals and publications, download and print them as per requirement.



Department Library

The Department has a good collection of hand-picked books on subjects specifically germane to English Language and Literature. The students can access books from this collection and it facilitates academic interaction among students and faculty members.



All the classes are smart classes with suspended projectors and interactive white boards which can be directly connected to the internet. This facility offers students with audio-visual experience and reinforces the learning process. It also provides them with exposure to state of the art presentation techniques.



Digital Copiers, Scanners and Printers

The Department possesses high quality digital printers, scanners and printers which are accessible to the faculty as well as the students. They ensure speedy completion of project reports, hand-outs and facilitates preservation of important data.



HD Movie Camera and Still Camera

The Department possesses a High definition Movie Camera and a Still Camera which were procured to facilitate the transaction of Film Studies in the Department. They are used to document the important events in the college, and for making short films and documentaries under the auspices of the college. Students are trained to handle these contraptions efficiently, and it enables them to explore the possibilities of visual media.


Intercom Facility

The department is connected to all the other departments, Library, Principals Chamber, Administrative Office, NAAC room, Cooperative Store etc by means of Intercom facility.



Sound System with Collar and cordless Microphone

The Department owns a sound system with collar microphones and cordless microphones which are used to enhance the acoustics of the classrooms. They offer students opportunities to embellish the grandeur of the department level programmes and reduce stage fear. Students are given opportunity to handle and learn the technicalities of the system and it improves their confidence level.



Reference and Reading Room

The Department has set up a reference and reading room adjacent to the staff room for the convenience of the students so that they can access reference books and periodicals from the department library and read/refer them from there itself. It is also furnished with English dailies and journals other than the 600 books.


Department Ebrary

The department has set up a vast collection of digital texts and has made them available to the students over the 20 systems set up in the Digital Language Lab, General Library and Department Library. Students can access PDF texts from this collection and copy them for free.


Video Library

The Department keeps a large collection of movies in digital form which are utilized for the course in film studies. It also comprises videos on environment, women empowerment, gender sensitization, etc. it is regularly being updated with new collections, and is provided to students for free.




Transgressing the Boundaries: Literature and History

Research articles are invited for the National Seminar on "Transgressing the Boundaries: Literature and History", Organized by the Department of English, Sponsored by Dep...

College Union Election 2018-19

College Union Election 2018-19 Results Announced...

Revised Accreditation Framework of NAAC: A Rejuvenation of HEIs

Govt. College Mananthavady Organizes a one day workshop on "Revised Accreditation Framework of NAAC: A Rejuvenation of HEIs"...

CINEPHILIA - Inter Department Short Film Competition

Inter Department Short Film Competition Organized by Film Club & Asadi College Union...

Inauguration of new Academic block, Library, Heritage Museum and Open Auditorium

Dr. K.T. Jaleel, Hon. Minister for Higher Education Inaugurated the new Academic block, Library, Heritage Museum and Open Auditorium on 09/07/2019...

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"Into Plato's Cave", A Course in Film Appreciation, Organized by Department of English and Supported by IQAC....

National Seminar on "Transgressing the Boundaries: Literature and History", Organized by the Department of English, Sponsored by Department of Collegi...

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