The Wayanad Heritage Museum was initiated during the academic year 2008-09 as an extension activity of the NSS unit of the College, with a novel idea of the then NSS Programme officer Sri. K. Abdul Salam, utilizing a part of the NSS office by keeping and preserving antiques collected from the students.  The wholehearted support and advice from the then Principal Prof. K.S. Ravisankar and the vice principal Prof. T. N. Ravi, to make it a centre of the cultural heritage of Wayanad, a collection campaign was organized in the college on 21th November 2008. Kum. Aswathy K. of the dept. of Commerce contributed the first item of the collection ‘Chengazhy’, in the campaign.

     During 2009-10, by the initiative of Prof.K.S.Ravisankar and Prof.T.N. Ravi an amount of Rs.100,000 was sanctioned from the Plan Fund and which was utilized for  making five racks for the museum. The successive principals Prof.A.Shamsudheen (2010-11), Dr.K.C.Mathew ( 2011-13) , etc., continued their support and initiative to make the museum in to the present set-up. During 2010-11 an Advisory committee was formed for the successful functioning of the Museum, with Mr. K. Abdul Salam, HOD of Commerce, as the Director, Mrs. Sheeba K.A. HOD of History as the co-ordinator and Prof. TN Ravi, Prof. Jose K.M, Asst. Professors Sri .Linesh, , Mrs. Suma Balakrishnan, and Mrs. Seena P.C,  UDC- Sri. Balakrishnan and LGS- Sri. Nasar etc as staff members, Sri. Shafi A.A. and Ranjith Pothan as the student representatives. During 2012-13, Principal Dr.K.C.Mathew took initiative for sanctioning an amount of Rs.20,000 from PTA for the purpose of electrification and illumination work and during 2013-14, Principal Prof.T.N. Ravi favoured the sanction of an amount of Rs.60,000 from CDC for making an additional two-sided rack for keeping the valuables. Since its inception separate collection campaigns have been organized in the College, every year after the admission of the first year students.From 2010 onwards, Sri. K. Abdul Salam Mrs. Sheeba K.A together co-ordinate the entire activities of the museum. During 2017-18, with the financial aid of Rs 25 Lakhs from Cultural Department, The construction of Heritage Museum Building was completed.


To preserve and protect the cultural heritage of the District for the future  generation

To inculcate prestige and pride among our students of our own cultural past and make them aware of the importance of protecting it.

To familiarize the instruments, weapons, ornaments and other articles used by the people of Wayanad during past.

To know the History of Wayanad. 


To preserve the memories of tribal and agricultural heritage of Wayanad

Advisory Committee

          An Advisory committee has been formed for the successful functioning of the Museum. 

Mr. P. Sudheer Kumar, Assistant Professor of History (Mob: 9495724769), is the Coordinator of the Museum.

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