The Parents Teachers Association ( PTA) was formed in the college in the year 1980-1981.The parent of each student who is admitted into the college shall joint the association by paying a membership fee at the time of the student’s admission.  All the teachers are members of the Association.

Constitution of the Parent-Teacher Association, Government College Mananthavady.

1. Name – The name of this association shall be “The Parent-Teacher Association, Government College, Mananthavady”.

2. Office – The Office of the Association shall be located at the Government College Mananthavady

3. Aims and objects – The aims and objects of the Associations shall be –

a) To foster and promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, students and guardians of the students.

b) To create in its members keen interest for the smooth working and the progress of the college and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.

c) To institute scholarships, prizes, medal etc., to benefit students showing a high proficiency in their studies.

d) To provide some amenities to the students of this College.

4. Membership – 

(a) The parents of all the students on the rolls of the college during a year shall be eligible to the members of the Association

(b) When a student is removed from the rolls of the college, the parent of the students shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the association.

(c) The parent of each students admitted to the College shall joint the Association by paying a membership fee of Rs. 45 in limp at the time of admission.

(d) The Principal and the other members of the teaching staff shall be members of the Association.

 PTA Executive Committee 2018-19

The new executive committee consists of 16 members including both the teaching staff and parents. The following members are included in the committee.

President, PTA : Prof.Beena Sadasivan (Pricipal )

Vice-President, PTA: Sri. Mammu Haji (Parent )

The Secretary, PTA: Sri. Haris.P.M ( Assistant Professor of Economics)

Executive Committee Members:


1. Sri. Radhakrishnan M, (2). Sri. Ceaser Jose, (3). Sri. Suresh Babu T M, (4). Smt Sajimol K K, (5). Sri. M C Stephen, (6). Sri. Saju Kottupallly


1. Sri. Sumesh A K, (2). Dr. Praneetha. P (3). Dr. Denny Joseph (4). Sri. Sudheer, (5). Dr. Rohith K Raj, (6). Dr. Sajith M, (7). Smt. Seena P C, (8). Sri. Sairam



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