It is a matter of prestige for Government College Mananthavady to have a student counselling Centre. The counselling program aims at providing psychological counseling to the students who are suffering from stress and other problems. The cell started functioning from 30/09/2010 as a permanent institution.  Mrs Vijayalakshmi K S., HOD of Malayalam is the Coordinator of the Counseling Programme. Sr. Rajin (MSc Psychology) worked as counsellors during previous years.  A room has been specially designed for conducting counselling to the students at the college. The counseling program is effective in guiding the needy students through proper paths in their lives. About 240 students have so far gained the benefits of the centre.

Expansion of the Service to the Outsiders

          It was a matter of prestige to the Centre to have expanded its service to the needy people outside the college. The centre guided the parents and family members of the students to solve their family issues. Three such cases were handled by the centre. Two students of the neighbouring Higher Secondary School benefitted from the activities of the Counseling Centre for solving their problems.

Organizing Classes and Awareness Programmes

       It was found that many students were suffering from a lot from family issues, economic backwardness and teenage problems. The emotional imbalance was one of the problems of the majority of the students. Some among them had personality disorder and few others had suicidal tendencies. Fear and anxiety of future also was found among the female students.

    After diagnosing the problems of the students, classes and awareness programmes were conducted. For this the services of the teachers and resource persons from neighbouring institutions were used. The counsellor also gave classes and interactive programmes according to the needs of the students.  The Counselling Centre took initiatives for organizing classes and awareness programmes related to Personality Development and Development of Life Skills. The counsellors were eager to give support and suggestion to the teachers when they handle the student cases. Six teachers from this institution got training in Student Mentoring as a part of the Walk with a Scholar Programme, a new initiative of the Govt. of Kerala for directing the students properly. The Counseling centre also got their service in solving student issues and problems.

          The Counseling centre organized a class on Goal setting in life and Motivation. The Centre also arranges programme to avoid stress among the students when they appear for interviews and examinations. The students who were suffering from stress due to many factors got relieved and were properly guided.




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