Scholar Support Programme

The Scholar Support Programme (SSP) is a novel initiative of the Higher Education Departmentof the Govt. of Kerala which aims at imparting personalized additional support to needy students in the subjects included in the curriculum through Tutorials, study materials, additional lectures, question banks and interactive sessions. Colleges included in the Programme will identify at college level, the subjects in which students need additional support. This is based on the Result Analysis conducted at the University level or as per the local requirements of the students of the College. In addition to special classes by faculty, study material will be provided to the students selected to the Programme. Content generation through setting up of Question Banks and videos are also components of the Programme.

Coordinator : RAKESH.R , Assistant Professor, Dept. of English

As a part of New Initiatives by the Department of Collegiate Education, Govt College Mananthavady has started Scholar Support Programme from the academic year 2012-2013.

The Scholar Support Programme is functioning in this college aiming to achieve its intentional objectives. The programme is targeting the slow learners to move ahead with additional support from the teachers. For this purpose additional classes are arranged for concerned subjects, which are reported by students as difficult to study. Apart from additional teaching sessions, study materials are provided to the students enlisted in SSP.

During the academic year 2018-19 the programme coordinator is Mr. RAKESH.R (Asst. professor, Department of English) and the subjects identified are  the following:

·      Micro economics II

·      Quantitative technique for business decisions

·      Mathematics for Physics and Electronics II

·      Studies in Prose

·      Communicative English II

·      Mathematical Economics II

·      Income tax Law &Practice I

·      Modern Physics and Electronics

·      Literary Criticism

·      Readings in fiction and drama

·      Economics of Development and Planning II

·      Malayalam Literature in Translations

·      Embedded Systems/Fiber Optics

·      International Business

The following teachers are entrusted with the duty of providing classes to the selected students:

Noufal P

Anil Kumar R

Deeshma M P

Jisha M D

Arathi Surendran K K

Imajo M Kaviyan

Vijeesh M V

Sreejith T

Jubina Rosa S S


Shinto Varkey

Denny Joseph

Dr.Anish Kumar M S

Shaiju Abraham

In 2018 – 19, an amount of  Rs.190,500/- (Rupees One Lakh ninety thousand five hundred only) was allotted to the college as Plan Fund for the Scholar Support Programme. The fund is allotted as per order No.A1-920/2018 by the Director of Collegiate Education, Kerala, Thiruvanathapuram. Of the allotted amount,1,54,400has been fully utilized by the college for the purpose for which it was sanctioned. The unspent balance amount of Rs.36,100 is surrendered to the Govt account as per the direction from the DCE.

Currently, 140 students are part of this programme. One student is included only for one subject other than English. 14 faculty members are engaging classes. Question banks of various subjects and printed materials are provided. 

Detailed list of Scholars 2018-19 (First Year)

Detailed list of Scholars 2018-19 (Second Year)

Detailed list of Scholars 2018-19 (Third Year)



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