Scholar Support Programme

Coordinator: Mr. Rakesh R, Mob: 9995240465

As a part of New Initiatives by the Department of Collegiate Education, Govt College Mananthavady has started Scholar Support Programme from the academic year 2012-2013. The candidates are selected from the first semester of the Under Graduate Programme. Prof. T. N. Ravi, Vice Principal was the coordinator during 2012-13. The college selected 6 subjects:

1.   Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions

2.   Electronic Circuits

3.   Differential and Integral Calculus

4.   Basic Econometrics

5.   Methodology of Literature

6.   Reading Literature in English

 50 students were identified under this programme.

The following teachers were assigned the duty of delivering classes during 2012-13:

1.   Dr. Denny Joseph

2.   Mr. Abdulsalam K

3.   Mr. remesh K. K.

4.   Mr. Linesh J.

5.   Mr. Ashkarali P.

6.   Ms. Amruthavally V. T.

7.   Ms. Rajimol M. S

8.   Ms. Suma Balakrishnan

9.   Ms. Litty R.

10.        Mr. Vinu Rajesh.

During the academic year 2013-14 the programme coordinator is Ms. Vijayalakshmi K S (Asst. professor, Department of Malayalam) and the subjects identified are  the following:

1.   Business Statistics

2.   Corporate Accounting

3.   Methodology of Humanities

4.   Communicative Skills in English

5.   Literature and Contemporary Issues

6.   Studies in Prose, Digital Electronics

7.   Mechanics

8.   Methodology and Theory of Electronic  Devices

9.   Differential Equations Laplace

10.  Macro Economics

11.  Micro Economics.

The following teachers are entrusted with the duty of providing classes to the selected students:

1.   Mr. Remesh K. K

2.   Mr. Haris P.M

3.   Mr. Linesh J

4.   Mr. Thomas V. L

5.   Ms. Bessy T. Markose

6.   Mr. Albin Jose T.

7.   Mr. Shanavas P. A

8.   Mr. Ashkarali P

9.   Dr. Denny Joseph

10.  Mr. SHibu J. J

11.  Ms. Amruthavally V T.

12.  Ms. Athira M. S

Currently, 100 students are part of this programme. One student is included only for one subject other than English. 12 faculty members are engaging classes. Question banks of various subjects and printed materials are provided. The SSP classes of this year are progressing successfully.



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