Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)


Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), a joint initiative of Departments of Higher and General Education, Government of Kerala, aims to increase the employability of students studying in Higher Secondary and Under graduate programmes.


Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) is part of the State Skill Development Project that will help the advancement of Kerala Society. The ASAP has been designed to help students to attain employable resource status at the end of their Vocational Higher Secondary or Under Graduate study streams.

In order to create awareness of these students and the public various promotional activities are planned. Enrollment of students to ASAP are to be identified through feeder institutions and other selected institutions. Aptitude tests are to be conducted to gauge students skill level and counselling services are to be imparted to students to guide and help them to choose the right skill development sector.

The programme was started in Govt. College Mananthavady in the last trimester of the year 2012. Aim of this programme is to equip undergraduate level students in various skill sectors such as communication skills, technical skills etc. by imparting lessons formulated by a state level ASAP team. Government College Mananthavady has started this great endeavour by commencing a 30 member ASAP student batch in the campus. 

Highlights of the programme are:

- Optional scheme equipping students with skill in which they have an aptitude alongside their  academic schedule
- Hands-on-training in the respective industry
- Government of Kerala Certification
- Industry Certification with National / International Accreditation.
- Strong foundation in IT & English Communication skill

All first year undergraduates can opt for the scheme. Students who want to take up job after graduation and those who have strong aptitude for vocational skill are preferred

The courses will be implemented as two levels. Level one -300hours module which include n 180 hrs slot for IT & communication & 120 hrs for skill acquisition with hands on training provided from the industries (sectors include: Hospitality, IT & ITES, Banking & Finance, Agriculture, Health sector)

Level two include 300-500hours hands on training in area of specialization

Co-ordinator: Dr. Rohith K. Raj (Assistant Professor in Electronics)





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