Debate is formal contest of argumentation between two teams or individuals. It’s an essential tool for developing democracy and open societies. Through debating, pupils can nurture their formal speaking and listening skills in a structured and competitive environment.   Moreover, the exposure to formal language and organization of thought informs written work and encourages higher-order thinking and development. In addition to many personal and academic benefits, debating also brings the added skills of increased confidence in speaking and teamwork skills.  These skills are transferable outside of the classroom to situations such as job interviews and markedly improve the ability of pupils to succeed later in life. The debate club offers students a chance to improve their debating skills and develop understanding for public policy and community issues. Furthermore it provides an opportunity for students to engage in the discussion of pressing issues in a civil and constructive manner.

The debate club named ‘ROYAL STARS’ was formed on 17.11.2012 under the guidance of Sri. Ramesh K.K (Assistant Professor in Commerce). At the time of formation there were 28 members in the club including a President, Vice-president, Treasurer and Secretary. The  motive behind the club formation was, the studies show that a good number of students leave their talent after high school and the remaining ones abandon their skills after college, this has a wake-up call that have lead to the imposed commitment of the club formation.

The primary mission of the Debate Club is to create educational opportunities for all students on campus, to provide a vehicle for students interested in politics, social change, community organization to discuss relevant topics and ideas, to engage students in activities beneficial to their personal and professional development, and to increase the visibility of issues throughout the campus and community.


Educate students about the art of speech and debate.

Compete with other college debate teams.

Help Students to build up leadership skills and improve individual responsibility.

Develop the ability to understand assumptions behind positions expressed by others

Develop research, reasoning, and organizational skills.

Construct logical refutation

Speak persuasively with poise and grace

Controlling speaking stress, fear and apprehensions and ensure collaboration.


At present there are 61 active members for the club, among them the executive members are held responsible to the wishes and concerns of the club. The executive members consists of a President, Vice-President, secretary, and treasurer and a club advisor, they are.

President                                  Sri. Nikhil Baby (Student, Commerce Department).

Vice-president                           Kumari. Shaseena A.K  (Student, Electronics Department).

Secretary                                  Sri. Vivek Alungal (Student, English Department).

Treasurer                                 Sri. Anas K.K (Student, Economics Department).                             

Club Advisor                             Sri. Suhaib.T , Assistant Professor(Guest),Commerce Department.


There will be meetings at least once in a month at a given date, time and place. The schedule of the meetings should be made to match the convenience of the members, with a minimum of 10 meeting in an academic year.


The club have conducted various debates in the college and participated in various open discussions from off campus also .The topics of discussion are listed below:

1. ‘Social Media is crucial in establishing political self-efficacy and in shaping the political behavior desired in today's political campaign.’ - 6.12.2011

The debate on the topic. ‘Social Media is crucial in establishing political self-efficacy and in shaping the political behavior desired in today's political campaign’. Its gave an opportunity for the student to share their different views on the topic. Most of the pupil argued that the social media held very important role in shaping the political atmosphere of the country, state, and region etc.

2. ‘Prose and Cones of credit semester system’ -.25.1.2012.

The merits and demerits of credit semester system had been discussed. Students talked about the stress that’s imposed by the system, and also discussed the opportunity of getting the participation of co-curricular activities and the possibility of enriching other non academic skills.

3.  ‘Is the mobile phone improper to the campuses?’-05.4.2012

Now a day’s familiarize with the era of information technology, therefore the importance of mobile phones are very crucial in our day to day life. Students expressed their different viewpoints, some of them had point out the impossibility of avoiding the mobile phones completely, and some of them noticed the necessity of controlling the over use of mobiles.

4. ‘Privatization leads to less corruption’-6-7-2012.

New Economic Policy leads to the concept of Privatization. India is a democratic country, so it’s very much importance to the students to know more about the Privatization and its impact to the society. The department wise competition was conducted with the auspices of college union, there were 6 members from each department had bieng participated in the competition and students from Commerce department were won the first prize and the second prize won by the pupils from English department.

5. ‘Voting rights to illiterates in India is illogical because it is widely misused.’-4-10-2012

A discussion conducted on the topic of ‘voting right to illiterate in India’, most of the students argued the requirement of making a special provisions and facilities to them for their independent voting, only few of them were argued that  it’s better to remove the voting right of illiterate people.

6. Open forum Professor Madav Gadgil  ‘ Report and Western Get’.-23-11-2012

The members of the club had been participated in an open forum conducted by the Students of Departments of Teacher Education Mananthavady at milk society hall Mananthavady. The famous Ecologists, Politicians, and the students from other colleges also had participated in discussion. The forum provided a clear-cut picture about the recommendations of the report, benefit and issues.

7. Civic Sense and Social Values-01.02.2013

Students discussed about the importance of civic sense in maintaining a peaceful life in the society. The role of politics, arts, literature etc. in strengthening the values was also discussed.

8. ‘Arranged marriages are better than the love-marriages’. -22-7-2013.

A team of students from debate club were participated to a competition conducted by the students of co-operative college Mananthavady. The subject was ‘arranged marriages are better than love marriages’, the members from the club have won first prize and showed an excellent performance in the competition.

9. Influence of T.V serials on women-18.09-2013.  

A discussion has conducted on the topic of ‘importance of T.V serials in framing women personality’. Most of the pupils were made an argument against the T.V serials, they opinioned that it will create a negative impact to the smooth functioning of the family.

10. ‘Campus politics and influence of personality’ -04.10.2013.

A debate was conducted on the topic ‘politics in campus and personality change’ and a heated discussion on the topic revealed the importance of campus politics in framing the personality of a student and how far the its affecting academic spheres.

11. Debate on ‘Kasthurirangan report and western get’.23-10-2013

A team of members from debate club have participated a debated conducted by the department zoology (Kannur university center, Mananthavady).The debate elaborately specified the prose and cones of the report in detail.


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