Literary club in Govt. College Mananthavady provides the students the opportunity to interact with the other members of the club on topics related to language and literature. Each year the club conducts different programmes to ensure the active participation of the students of the club and creates awareness about the importance of being in touch with our literature and culture.

Literary Club aims to provide opportunities for the students to have an idea about various literary figures across the world and discuss about the impact of literature on the common psyche of our culture too. It encourages the members of the club to participate in different literary and other cultural events conducted in and out of the campus.


Members of the club organized  a twenty minutes programme including poems and presented it in the Maattoli FM ON 14.08.2013. Santhi K.(3RD BA Student)and Soorya Surendran(3rd BA) presented their own poems. Students gave music to Santhi”s poem and presented it in the programme.

Students participated in the programme are:

1.     Vidya T. Vijayan

2.     Santhi K

3.     Anila Antony

4.     Shimna I C

5.     Sruthy A S

6.     Soorya Surendran

7.     Shaji Jose

8.     Muhsina V


Club members actively participated  in the University Youth Festival and won prizes. Students who secured prizes are

A)  Jasla N H-Malayalam story writing(3rd prize)

B ) Saranya Dev- Hindi story writing

C ) Muhsina V- Malayalam script writing

D) Shaji Jose- Film criticism, Malayalam

E) Solin- English story writing(A grade)

F) Chinmay Murali-English essay writing(A grade)


Conducted “Azheekkod Anusmaranam” on  27.01.2013

 Club members actively participated in the programme  and they remembered  Azheekod as a teacher,a writer, a philosopher and a leader of  the cultural Kerala.The students shared their experiences on observing the attempts on the part of Azheekkod to make the common people understand what happens around us and what we have to do as the members of a political society.



The club members participated in different programmes during the year  and secured prizes. Different programmes were also conducted under the guidance of the literary club.

The club member Chinmay Murali  participated in Universuty Youth Festival in English essay writing and secured 3rd prize.

Faisal V, the club member  participated in Urdu essay writing competition.

On October 21st the club conducted in memory of A Ayyappan, the famous Malayalam poet. The programme was very interesting in the sense that some of the students came up with very genuine thoughts on his poems and his attitude towards life.

Selected students from the club presented some of his poems in the programme and this was followed by a discussion on the poems. After Ayyappappanikker, he was one of the poets who attempted the play with the language in a very technical way.


The club organized an open forum on the topic “The Courage to Say No”. Teachers and students from different departments participated in the programme and shared their ideas on freedom and violence. The impact of the technological developments on common people and in course of time how it generates unrest is also discussed. The violence against women and the need to develop a sense of courage to speak against these ill treatments became a heated topic during the discussion.


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